Kris Jenner Can’t Help One-Upping Kim Kardashian, Even Thousands Of Miles Apart

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Kim Kardashian very competitive about her vagina GIF KUWTK(via)

If there's one pseudo-compliment I can give Kris Jenner, it's that she's an equal-opportunity one-upper — she competes with all of her children equally, except for the un-fun ones like Khloe Kardashian and Rob Kardashian. Those ones she just bullies.

Last week she was all over the interview circuit for Keeping Up With The Kardashians promo saying how she used to have the same exact body as Kendall, just in case anyone wanted to stop effusing over her daughter and care about Kris for a while. And today it looks like it's Kim‘s turn, with Kris throwing down the gauntlet on a bikini battle.

As you may recall, Kim is currently on her second honeymoon with Kanye West, celebrating his birthday in Mexico. And by ‘celebrating', what I really mean is ‘taking leg selfies while sun-bathing', one Kim's lifeblood activities. She posted a couple of herself gazing out at the absurdly beautiful view, and here they are:

And they were barely up for a day when Kris Jenner scented them on the wind and decided to put up a sunbathing bikini picture of her own. Part of me was hoping that she saw Kim's pic and had to scramble and get on a plane to somewhere tropical, but it looks like she was already on a girls' trip somewhere equally sunshiney, so it works out.


I feel like the proportions are totally weird in this picture, like it was Photoshopped or something, which I wouldn't put past Kris. But regardless, my favorite part is the caption, which is: ‘Bonjour!!! #blessed #grateful #thankyouGod' and then a photo credit. Guys! A non-ironic use of the blessed hashtag! And in reference to her own body, no less! This could turn into a real blowout.

(Also side note: if North isn't with Kris right now, then where the eff is she??)