Kris Humphries Will Demand A Paternity Test For His Ex-Girlfriend’s Baby

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Kris Humphries may have actually learned something from his ill-fated relationship with Kim Kardashian, and that lesson is ‘cover your ass'. After jumping into a 72-day marriage with a reality star, Kris is hedging his bets a little more this time around by demanding a paternity test from his pregnant ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj in response to her claims that the child is his. The two were only together a short time, and Kris alleges that Myla was less his girlfriend and more a ‘booty call girl', so he wants to go all Maury-style on her ass to make sure it's really his kid before he gets involved. Which is probably a good idea, especially in light of the fact that Kris was claiming even before she announced her pregnancy that Myla was trying to extort money from him. A lot of money. Like millions of dollars. Also she's apparently a serial-celebrity-dater, and Monsieur Humphries is not her first victim.

Man, this guy is having a tough year. He's already all tangled up in the Kim divorce, and now he has to divide his focus again as soon as the baby's born, to find out if it's his. In response to all these paternity rumors flying around, Myla's attorney released the following juicy statement:

“We will evaluate the situation and his reaction before proceeding any further.”

Oooh, how revealing. You can totally tell exactly what's going on. I can't wait to see what Kris' rebuttal statement will be! Except…it seems I'm not gonna get one, as Kris and his spokesperson are no longer working together. I can only assume it's because Kris has elected to go live in a hobbit hole somewhere in the ground to keep himself safe from his own disastrous taste in famewhores.

(Image: C. Smith / WENN.com)