Kris Humphries Tries To Give Money To Homeless Person, Fails Because Person Isn’t Homeless

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While his ex-fake-wife Kim Kardashian was getting intimate with Kanye West on various date type activities, the eternally oafish Kris Humphries was trying to open his heart and wallet to one of New York's many destitute panhandlers. Except, oops, it wasn't a panhandler at all, but merely a person dressed in shabby clothes, which he or she may or may not have paid a lot of money for.

We know this because he told us:

Most blogs are speculating that this person was, in fact, a hipster, which would make sense, considering the derelicte fashions currently in vogue, but let's not jump to conclusions. Don't forget that Kris Humphries is really dumb! It could simply have been an old person, or an ugly person, or a person wearing a hat. Or not wearing a hat. It was pretty cold out last night, and when winter hits New York, we all look a little bit homeless.

I would also like to take a moment to re-post a helpful bulleted list one blog felt necessary to your understanding of the situation:


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