Sneaky Kris Humphries’ Sneaky Lawyers Served Kanye West Subpoena Papers In A Nordstrom Box

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As part of their ongoing effort to hold Kim Kardashian accountable for “defrauding” Kris Humphries into a fake TV marriage, Kris Humphries lawyers have successfully subpoena-ed Kanye West into their three-ring circus. But as they knew he probably wouldn't welcome those papers with open arms, they snuck them into his house in the only thing he was bound to open: a mail order box from Nordstrom.

Kim's lawyer Laura Wasser complained in court about the not-un-Looney Tunes-esque tactic, saying that Humphries' lawyers are drawing this thing out in a ridiculously punitive fashion. Hey, at least it wasn't an exploding cigar.

Despite the fact that he can probably afford good lawyers, I've always imagined Kris Humphries' legal team to be just as derp-y as him, and I can't decide if this proves it or disproves it. On the one hand, Kanye was bound to get so excited his YSL leather harem pants had arrived that he would throw caution to the wind. On the other hand…doesn't everyone know that about Kanye?

I have no doubt the prosecution will try to get a hold of Kimye's secret communications during her marriage, which strikes me as just a little bit messed up. Can you really sue someone for breaking your heart? On the other hand, those communications are bound to be good, so I fully support any and all trial involvement they plan to foist on him. Sorry, Yeezy.

(Via TMZ)

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