Kris Humphries Really Wants to Expose Kim Kardashian’s Secrets

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The latest issue of America's number one magazine for hard hitting journalism and in-depth research,  Life & Style, claims that Kris Humphries is taking Kim Kardashian as well as Kris Jenner to court. Why?

To Kim's dismay, any nondisclosure agreements he signed associated with their prenup or Kourtney & Kim Take New York would be void in court. “When you're requested to answer under oath,” notes an insider close to Kris, “it's a legal obligation. If he's asked certain questions, he'll be compelled to answer.”

If this report is correct, then it just  further proves that Kris Humphries has Kardashian secrets to spill. He knows something that he's not supposed to share and I'm getting more and more curious as to what it could possibly be. If it's truly as explosive as everyone's building it up to be, then I have to assume it could be career ending for Kim.

Clearly she has something to hide from the scripted life she's set up for the public and I wonder what it would take to bring her career tumbling down. It certainly took a credibility hit after she pulled the 72-day divorce and I have to imagine that one more PR crisis at that level could destroy the career she's worked so hard to build.

Then again she's another one of those celebrities who seems have a loyal fanbase that sticks around through every scandal. She has over 13 million Twitter followers, even though her most exciting tweet in the past day has been “How cute is my 2 yr old nephew! When I walked in Mason said Happy Birthday KiKi & started singing it! I said I think u mean Valentine's Day!”

So maybe she has nothing to worry about. Maybe Kris just really wants to scare her enough to get his hands on her money. We won't know unless they actually go to court and start talking.