Oh No! Kris Humphries Should Quit His Acting Career Immediately

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kris humphries foot locker commercial

Here's the thing about Kris Humphries, he makes really bad decisions for himself. To the point where I'm starting to think that we should file for custody of him until he proves to us that he's capable of making better choices.

First he married Kim Kardashian. I think we all know how that turned out. Or I should say, is turning out, since, you know, they're still legally married and shit. Nothing says poor judgement quite like marrying a Kardashian and expecting it to be a real marriage. While most people would learn a valuable lesson from this whole wedding sham, Kris Humphries clearly didn't. Because he still seems determined to show us just how poor his judgement can be.

Yes, you know what's coming now. I mean, you think you know, but like his marriage you don't really known until you press the play button and watch it unfold. That's right, basketball player Kris Humphries decided to launch an acting career. His first gig? A Foot Locker commercial where he makes fun of himself.

Here's the thing about making fun of yourself that Kris doesn't get. If you're not talented enough to pull it off, it's not quite clear if you're in on the joke. And if that's not clear, then everyone's sitting at home watching the commercial, shaking their heads and saying “oh no, oh no, oh no Kris Humphries should quit his acting career immediately.”

Look I want Kris Humphries to succeed. But not at acting and not at basketballing and not at marrying — just at getting revenge on Kim Kardashian. And to do that well, he needs to put all his focus there, and not on these silly side projects.

But with all due respect, go ahead and watch his debut. Just be ready to cringe.