7 Times Kourtney Kardashian Has Shown Scott Disick What He’s Missing, According to the Internet

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These days in Hollywood, it's not enough for a female celebrity to flaunt her post-baby body. She's also expected to show off her post-breakup body, because if a woman dares to look sexy after she's broken up with a man, it's obviously because she wants to show him what he's missing. Cleavage isn't just cleavage anymore; it's revenge cleavage.

The latest star who's supposedly rocking the “I want you to cry yourself to sleep at night over not being able to get with this anymore” look is Kourtney Kardashian, who recently broke up with Scott Disick, proud douchebag and the father of her three children. This morning as I was perusing the Internet for pop culture news, like I do every day, I noticed a headline about Kourtney on Perez Hilton. It reads, “Kourtney Kardashian Shows Scott Disick What He's Missing In A SeXXXy, NSFW Snap For Vanity Fair!” It's about the following naked photo Kourtney tweeted yesterday:

The headline sounded so familiar, like I'd heard it several times over the past few months. So I did some googling, and it would seem that Kourtney has been showing Scott what he's missing quite a lot recently, as opposed to turning into a grotesque troll who only comes out from under her bridge once a month to take out the garbage and get ridiculed by magazines for not wearing makeup, like she's supposed to do. Let's look at a few examples, shall we?

1. “Kourtney Kardashian Shows Scott Disick What He’s Missing In Sexy Shorts”

This one comes from our favorite conclusion-jumpers at Hollywood Life. They go on to refer to Kourtney's figure as a “revenge body,” as opposed to, you know, the thing that holds her organs or something.

2. “Kourtney shows Scott what he’s missing”

Page Six chose the short and sweet version. No more detail needed.

3. “Kourtney Kardashian shows Scott Disick what he's missing as she shares boobie selfie and undergoes post-split image overhaul”

Wow, that is quite the mouthful from OK! magazine. I'm not sure “overhaul” is the right word here. “Looking like she always has” might be more appropriate.

4. “Kourtney Kardashian shows Scott Disick what he’s missing with string of sexy Instagram posts”

Now magazine seems to think Kourtney is trying to slowly drive Scott insane via his Instagram feed. Revenge for the 21st century.

5. “Kourtney Kardashian Shows Scott Disick What He's Missing With Her Insane Revenge Body”

Is it insane, though, X17? Or is it simply a Kardashian being a Kardashian?

6. “Celebrating Independence: Kourtney Kardashian shows Scott Disick what he’s missing after he's pictured getting close to Chloe Bartoli”

This one from The Mirror went up before the split even became official. Therefore, she was looking good even when she was with Scott. But I guess as soon as someone has a breakup, whatever hotness they already possessed becomes a weapon for revenge.

7. “Kourtney Kardashian shows Scott Disick what he's missing with sizzling bikini selfie”

This one's also from The Mirror, a month later. I think we're done here.

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