Hoping to Settle the Greatest Debate of Our Time, Kit Harington Took a Lie Detector Test About Jon Snow

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Since last June we all have had one question on our minds. Is Jon Snow really dead? The cast and crew of Game of Thrones including Jon Snow himself Kit Harington have sworn, by the old gods and the new probably, that Jon is truly gone. But of course, no one has believed a word of it.

British talk show host Jonathan Ross took matters into his own hands and did something we all want to do with Kit (No, not make out with him) and gave him a lie detector test to see if Jon Snow really didn't survive last year's finale. Jonathan did this by hooking Kit up to a strange stone face thing that would shock him if Jonathan deemed his response a lie. The first question was, of course, “Are you dead?” and Kit responds with a solid “Yes.” Jonathan then shocks Kit much to his surprise, although he really shouldn't have been because GOT fans will do anything for some answers. Jonathan asks Kit some more questions about next season, like if he's playing a dead body? (Yes) and does he come back as a white walker? (No) but much like the odd contraction his hand is in, Kit keeps a stone face throughout the test. So I think it's safe to say Jon Snow does know something, but just ain't telling us.

The only good thing about another ‘Is Jon Snow Dead?' interviewing popping up, is that this time we don't have to wait too long to find out. The new season of Game of Thrones comes back in less than three weeks on April 24. If Jon Snow does turn out to be alive, Kit, except no one to trust you and your cute little face ever again.


(Photo: YouTube)