Kirsten Dunst Has Never Been Groped By A Director Because She’s Never Asked For It

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Kirsten Dunst Has Never Been Groped By A Director Because She s Never Asked For It Kirsten Dunst attending Australian premiere of Anchorman 2 November 2013 640x439 jpgGood for Kirsten Dunst, honestly. In an industry where so many of her peers are constantly being inappropriately propositioned or even full-on sexually assaulted, she’s never had a problem with that. And do you know why? Because she’s never asked for it. What a novel concept! She’s so much smarter than victims!

In a W Magazine piece that came out today, Kirsten was asked by the interviewer if she’s ever worked with a director that she didn’t agree with, and she answered:

“I have, and it takes all the fun out of what you do. You just get through it instead of having a meaningful experience.”

Sure, yeah. That’s a diplomatic response to the question. Didn’t throw anybody under the bus or anything, which is very diplomatic of you. But wouldn’t you maybe like to add some victim-shaming to your answer? It would sure spice up this interview!

Interviewer: What if a director pounces on you while working? Has that ever happened?

Kirsten: No [laughs]. I don’t give off that vibe. I think that you court that stuff, and to me it’s crossing a boundary that would hinder the trust in your working relationship.

Ah yes. So kind of you to make sexual predators’ argument for them! People who are pounced on by directors — or anyone! — receive that kind of attention because they were asking for it. Usually out loud or in a note you might have forgotten you passed. Probably something saying, “Can you and I engage in activities without my consent? Check ‘yes’ or ‘no’!” Because assault is fun! And not enough people get to do it! Only like 58% of people who court ‘that stuff’ actually get to engage in it, and you can’t argue with numbers that I just made up.

But while I’m sure there are some militant feminists (the ones who get to wear the cool army jackets!) who are gonna get really haired up (pun intended!) about this, I’m not one of them — OBVIOUSLY. Because I totally get it! You and I are on the same brainpage, Kirsten!

For example, I was never really interested in going to treatment for depression, like you did in 2008, so what I did was I just made sure I wasn’t courting those dark thoughts! And that is a thing that people could do, ergo I never got them and I didn’t have to go get help! Same thing with alcoholism; I just wasn’t interested! Some people might say that I myself have little to do control over arbitrary things like sexual assault, the disease of addiction, and clinical depression, but you and I know better, don’t we Kirsten? We’re so smart to have avoided these pesky little pitfalls that other idiots can’t seem to avoid!

We know that if something bad happens to you, it’s either because you were wearing a low-cut shirt or you weren’t wishing hard enough. (But probably both.)

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