New Artist Spotlight: Kina Grannis

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Photo: FacebookGuys, let me feel cool for a moment. I'm always looking to discover new music, mostly because I still have old Hilary Duff videos on my iTunes and one of my Top 25 most frequently played songs is “Pieces of Me” by Ashlee Simpson. Luckily, my taste in music has drastically improved now that I stalk Youtube. In fact, I kinda pride myself in my ability to recognize new talent. And so, let me introduce to you my latest obsession: Kina Grannis. The 28-year-old singer/song-writer from Cali just launched her newest album “Elements” last Tuesday. Since listening to it, Ash's spot has been effectively replaced with Kina's songs: “Winter” and “Dear River.”

Don't trust me? Here's proof that Kina rocks and also an explanation as to why I'll be plugged into my headphones all week. On. Repeat.

You can check out more of Kina on iTunes and her tour schedule here!