Looks Like There Might Be A Little Rain On The Extravagant Kimye Wedding Parade

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It's a Kimye Wedding Konspiracy, everyone!  Okay, it's not really.  But I can totally see Kimye believing wholeheartedly that the air traffic controllers in France–who are currently on strike–are out to get them personally.  Remember how Kimye was flying every guest at their “intimate” wedding to Paris and then transporting them to Florence for the big day?

Well, turns out that Kimye and their subsequent guests “get last priority” in terms of airport treatment.  I know, I know – I gasped in horror too.  (Just kidding, it was totally in delight.)  Radar Online is reporting that Kim is about three seconds away from completely losing her shit:

“They are now looking into renting rail cars to get guests to Florence from Paris.  They do have a site in Paris also available to hold the wedding. Kim is very stressed out about it and can’t understand why private air travel is being impacted.  The source close to the bride also said Kardashian is crying that her ‘wedding feels jinxed!'

Sorry, families affected financially by the strike, war-torn villages, and cancer kids – this is a real problem, okay?  I mean, I know how inconvenient it is for me when Pittsburgh International didn't close down completely to accommodate my flight home from Tampa that one time.

Apparently the Palace of Versailles is back on the consideration list of possible venues for the pending nuptials, which is exactly the kind of event Louie XIV and Marie Antoinette probably had in mind for the future of their royal home.  And–BONUS–the bride and groom can still be surrounded “by the masterpieces“, technically, but here's hoping baby #2, South West, isn't conceived there for the sake of everyone in attendance.

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