Kimberly Wyatt Wants To Continue Working With The Girls Of PCD – Except For Nicole

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It had been recently confirmed that the Pussycat Dolls were being changed and rearranged, obviously in due part to the issues some of the Dolls were having about all the attention, Nicole Scherzinger is getting. Kimberly Wyatt Wants to Continue Working with the Girls of PCD   Except for Nicole 90929K2 WYATT BGR 01 thumb jpg

Kimberly Wyatt had her own choice words about the situations, saying that she’d love to continue to work with the girls of PCD…except for Nicole, of course.

She fumes, "It’s not true at all that only one of us can sing. Everyone in the group has a beautiful voice. We just weren’t showcased as much."

She speaks of her own future projects, "I love the girls so much. That was my family. So I hope to continue the movement. I’m taking my future into my own hands. We are looking at ways to keep working together. We all want to. But when we do that we’re not allowed to call ourselves the Pussycat Dolls."

I feel sorry for those girls! I’m sure when they signed on to join PCD, they didn’t think they’d be pushed in Nicole’s shadow. Hopefully, they’ll be successful at whatever they do next!

Image: Bauer-Griffin