Seeing Kim Zolciak With Her Real Hair Was The First Time I Wasn’t Repulsed By Her

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Kim Zolciak real hair wigless Don't Be Tardy to the WeddingI'm not sure what I was expecting when Kim Zolciak finally revealed the mystery that is her real hair on last night's episode of Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding. Super short? Greasy? Curly? Or…God forbid…a brunette?? Whatever it was, it wasn't the gorgeous, healthy-looking, perfectly-cut and shaped blonde ‘do we got.

We went from last episode, in which she was modeling for photos for Kroy — full wig, too much makeup as usual, white pants awkwardly undone, topless and covered in red body paint with her enormous boobs making me violated sitting in my own family room — to this, a sophisticated, normal looking human being. Complete 180.

Which naturally brings us to the question…What is God's name is she smoking thinking she looks better in that disgusting yellow rat's nest? And just when I had started thinking she might not actually be that bad/fake/nuts. Maybe that's embarrassing on my end, but seriously, during this wedding show she's been sort of sweet sometimes. I felt bad when she was upset about her crappy maid of honor, and I was totally on her side against her crazy mother. (Who my own mother is convinced to be an alcoholic. Probably true.)

Kroy — who actually seems like a decent guy and as such I am still trying to figure out why he is marrying her — has to know. Has he said something? Maybe “Hey honey, let's display one of your original parts today”? Something, anything.

In any case, someone's got to tell her. If for no other reason that the elimination of that wig would make my addiction to all things Housewives so much more pleasant.

Photos: Zap2it, Bravo