Kim Kardashian’s Trespasser Thought He Was There For An Interview

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It's always a good idea to confirm a job interview the day before your appointment. You can make sure you have the right time and address, and remind your potential employer you'll be dropping by. This step could have really helped the guy who showed up on Kim Kardashian's doorstep this Sunday night. He appeared, bags in tow and ready to be welcomed warmly into her home, only to be turned away and talked to by the police. While Kim seemed to think he was a dangerous creeper, he thought he was just there for a job interview.

The police were charged with the task of telling the man Kim would not be grilling him about his recent employment history or his five year plan; in fact she'd never set up a meet-up with him to discuss a job. He was still sure someone connected to Kim had scheduled a meeting about an opening on a team of one of Kim's shows. He must have felt pretty confident about his chances of landing it if he brought luggage to the interview.

The mystery man could easily be severely confused or even unbalanced, but it's also possible he was Punk'd by a less than loyal friend. It'd be pretty easy to send an e-mail posing as someone from the Keeping Up crew, especially if the man in question was actively seeking a career in reality TV and had been sending out his resume where show runners might have a chance to see it. The moral of this story might be call ahead.