Kim Kardashian Must Look Up To Kristen Stewart, Because She’s Wearing Her Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress

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Kim Kardashian Must Look Up To Kristen Stewart  Because She s Wearing Her Breaking Dawn Wedding Dress kim kardashian wedding dress kristen stewart jpgYou would think that when it comes to attention-grabbing behavior, Kim Kardashian wrote the book. (No, really, there are plenty of tips to be found in her “fiction” novel Dollhouse.) But apparently Kim isn’t too proud to admit that she could use a few pointers, because it seems that she’s decided to emulate none other than disgraced Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

At least, that’s the vibe I’m seriously getting after Kim tweeted this photo around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning: It’s her wearing what looks suspiciously like a wedding dress, and is accompanied only by the coy caption Late night fitting #pucci What’s more, the dress really resembles Bella Swan’s backless wedding dress from Breaking Dawn, Part 1!

Kudos to Betty Confidential for noticing the tweet and the dress similarity. I have to agree that Kim seems to unmistakably be channeling K. Stew—and why not? Her whole “cheating scandal” has been a PR shot in the arm for Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Now, Kim doesn’t want the same fate that Kristen seems to, i.e., forcibly ending her Hollywood career since she didn’t seem to like the spotlight much anyway. But Kim is savvy enough that I could see her creating a scandal similar to Kristen’s, enough to get the attention but not the disdain. (Since she already has that.) Kanye West might want to be careful what movie directors Kim starts cozying up to…

And it all starts by wearing Bella’s wedding dress. Of course, it could just be that Kim gets to model some Pucci for an upcoming event, maybe Fashion’s Night Out. But still, when a Kardashian is wearing white, you gotta be suspicious.

Photo: @kimkardashian