Kim Kardashian Wanted To Adopt A Thai Orphan, But Thailand Was Like ‘Hell To The No’

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Kim Kardashian pregnant and attending Kardashian Kollection launch May 20123

Last night Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired a special horror episode. I'm just assuming it was meant to be horror, because it involved Kim Kardashian deciding to adopt an orphan from Thailand. I think we can all agree that before Kim adopts any children, she needs to come to the realization that she already has a kid at home. It'll hit her any day now, I'm sure. And when it does, Kanye will toss her a cookie and pat her head and say, “Good girl! You're so smart!” But until then, let's just be grateful that this adoption didn't end up happening.

It all went down during the third part of the family's trip to Thailand. They visited a local orphanage, where Kim made a “special connection” with a 12-year-old girl named Pink. Kim decided she just had to have her, but I'm pretty sure they left out the part where she said to the orphanage people, “She's so cute, but Pink doesn't really go with my wardrobe. Do you have any Ceruleans? Or maybe a Mauve? And do you have any bedazzled ones?” Okay, so we don't know that she said that, but we do know she called Kanye to discuss wanting to adopt the little girl.

But alas, this was all a stunt orchestrated for entertainment purposes, and Kim never intended to adopt this child Kim's mom Kris Jenner warned against making such snap decisions: “You can’t just go to an orphanage and fall in love with a child and then take them home like you're shopping.” Rumor has it Kris then turned to the person feeding her that line off camera and asked, “Really? You can't? Huh, weird.” But it didn't matter anyway, because when Thailand got wind of things they were like, “Hahaha… no.” And by that I mean their resort manager informed them that the Thai government “does not encourage” foreigners to adopt Thai children. I'll bet that's doubly true when the foreigner's name starts with a K and ends with an ardashian.

Kim thought that was “so sad.” Poor Kim. Do you think she'll ever have a child? Oh, wait…

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