These Are Photos Of Kim Kardashian Looking The Most Un-Kardashian She’s Ever Looked

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These Are Photos Of Kim Kardashian Looking The Most Un Kardashian She s Ever Looked Kim Kardashian WTF gif


Kim Kardashian posed for a photo shoot in Vogue Spain. Quick, take one guess what she’s wearing! No, not nothing. Take another guess. Nope, not a skintight dress either. Or a bathing suit. I know, it shocked me too. If you can believe it, she’s actually dressed like, well, a slob. It’s one part jarring, one part refreshing, and one part “Why the hell is this a spread in a fashion magazine? Why doesn’t a photographer come over to my house and photograph me in my oversized pajamas and ratty sweater?”

Kim shared the photos on her Twitter page with the hashtag #KimNoFilter. The shoot took place at the Beverly Hills Hilton, or as Kim calls it because she’s cool like that, the BHH.

How’s this for a caption? “Hold on a second while I try to subtly show off my huge engagement ring.”

Well, she had to get at least a little ass crack in there. Who do you think she is?

This is actually kinda cute, not even gonna lie.

Whoa, wait a minute. Kim Kardashian in oversized pajamas and sneakers when she’s not even working out to prevent the dreaded baby weight? What is is this?

Number one, that is the most awkward wave I’ve ever seen. Number two, these are just turning into weird vacation photos that happen to have Kim Kardashian in them.

Oh no, she lost her hands!

Not too shy to show off that bling, though.

So she can literally pose for magazines in her sleep.

Oh look, there’s that ring again.

Pickin’ at her toenails. The usual.


I’m confused. Kim Kardashian’s favorite shoot was one where her body wasn’t oiled up in a single photo? Is this some Invasion of the Body Snatchers situation? Not since she and Kanye photobombed that lady and her baby have I been so confused.