Now That Kim Kardashian Wants To Wear Clothes, Clothes Don’t Want To Wear Her

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Kim KardashianGet out your old-fashioned lace handkerchiefs everybody, because Kim Kardashian has a real tear-jerker for you today. According to famed stylist Nicola Formichetti, Kim is a victim of ‘fashion snobbery' because designers don't want to lend her clothing for shoots. Nicola worked with Kim for a recent shoot with Elle Magazine, and he says it was ‘a challenge' to create looks for her because no one wanted their pieces to be seen on Kim. He approached several designers who refused to have their lines associated with Kanye West‘s baby mama. “People wouldn't lend me the clothes,” he says, “But that's fashion snobbery.”

Ooh, ‘fashion snobbery', huh? We're putting a name on it, like it's a disease or a condition. Hermkay. Well I'm torn on this. On the one hand, I'm obviously not the biggest fan of the whole Kardashian family, and I generally support any and all efforts to reduce the K-content in our wetlands and reality television caches. This woman initially made herself famous with her clothes off, after all, so why should fancypants designers want to send her clothing to put back on now that people care enough about her that they'll look at her naked as well as clothed? It's counter intuitive. Maybe they're just looking out for the well-being of a sex tape star gone viral.

But on the other hand, I just watched the video from the shoot, and Kim's disappointingly likable in it. The footage is of Nicola and Kim earnestly complimenting each other, gushing about how excited they are to work together. Nicola says he's wanted to collaborate with Kim for a long time, and she responds by saying:

“I love being transformed and I love, like your, vision of who you think I am. That’s always so inspiring to me and so interesting to see someone else’s take on me.”

Guys who am I? I'm supposed to be snarky about stuff like this! I took a twelve day vacation and I came back with no fire to make fun of Kim! Instead I'm just impressed by the fact that she showed up without four dozen makeup people and hair trimmers and gum holders and had an honest, adorable conversation with one of the only stylists who will give her a chance. Stop, brain! This isn't a touching coming-of-age tale of an unlikely friendship! The Kardashians have taken enough from me, not my sympathy, too! This has gone too far!