We Might Need To Thank Kim Kardashian For Convincing Twitter To Make A Really Helpful Change

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We Might Need To Thank Kim Kardashian For Convincing Twitter To Make A Really Helpful Change Kim Kardashian letter to future self jpg

If we learned anything from Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, it’s that people listen to celebrities’ calls for change a lot faster than they do normal people’s. Take, for instance, Kim Kardashian’s suggestion that Twitter add an edit feature.

She actually got the co-founder to respond and tell her it’s a “great idea,” so right after we’re all done being pissed that Kim Kardashian gets to take credit for something approximately everyone has thought of, we might have to bite our tongues whenever we want to say Kim Kardashian never contributed anything of value to the world.

If you use Twitter, there’s a chance that at some point you’ve posted a tweet with a mistake in it. Even though plenty of other social media platforms allow you to edit posts after they’ve been published, with tweets you have to delete them and start all over. If you catch it fast enough that’s not a huge deal, but if you don’t notice something’s wrong until you’ve already received retweets and favorites and replies, starting all over seems pointless, and you just have to live with that missing word or misspelled name. For celebrities who receive responses in a flash and receive a bigger audience for their tweets, I imagine this is especially annoying.

So on Friday night, in a move Us Weekly unironically calls “genius,” Kim announced that she had sent Twitter an email asking them to make a change:

Just a half hour later, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey responded to her:

Is it annoying that Jack Dorsey is acting like this is the first time he’s heard this suggestion, when I’m sure it’s been made to him thousands of times over the years? Yes. Do I wish it wasn’t Kim Kardashian who got him to respond? Yes. But if it means I can finally edit my tweets after they’ve been posted, I don’t really care who made it happen.

Of course, just because Kim got a response doesn’t mean this is going to happen. Maybe we should get Taylor to suggest it. She seems to be some sort of persuasive wizard.

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