Kim Kardashian Tried To Revamp Her Image By Serving Food To The Homeless

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Of the three women shown here, one seems like she's less accustomed to charity work unless there's a camera around, no?

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian joined celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Zoe Saldana at the Los Angeles Mission to serve food to homeless people. As we predicted, Zoe's been doing this for several years; according to their Twitter accounts of the day, Kim and Jennifer are newbies.

Unfortunately, cynics that we are, we can't help but imagine that Kim headed to Skid Row in order to revamp her image. No one's been very sympathetic about her quickie divorce from Kris Humphries last month. In fact, her former publicist Jonathan Jaxson came out of the woodwork to call his former client a selfish fake who's obsessed with her image in the eyes of the media.

“She knew marriage was a bad PR move as her value has dropped since the wedding,” Jonathan says. Makes it easy to assume that she planned out this good PR move, down to getting a rep from the kitchen to describe her as “very cordial and friendly.” The rep added that she “worked hard in both the food preparation area and in serving the food to the guests.”

At least Kim got one supporter out of this: Jennifer tweeted that she “made a new friend” at the Mission and that “@KimKardashian is most beautiful inside and out!”