Kim Kardashian To Star In Sequel To The Martian Called Stuck On Uranus

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 Kim Kardashian to Star in Sequel to The Martian Called Stuck on Uranus martian gallery3 gallery image jpg


The movie that we never knew we needed is going to come out soon, and it’s sure to bring the LOLs. Since The Martian was such a massive box office success in its opening weekend, naturally there’s a sequel already in the works, and it looks amazing.

Matt Damon is already on board, and they’ve got a title AND a leading lady. Kim Kardashian has graced the big screen with her enormous acting talents — check out her riveting star turn in Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor:

Well, she’s back as an expert of Uranus in the hotly anticipated sequel: Stuck on Uranus. Check out the trailer here:

Sorry, Uranus jokes will never NOT be funny.