Kim Kardashian To Be Replaced By A Dog In Super Bowl Skechers Commercial

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Remember that Kim Kardashian Skechers ad that ran during the Super Bowl last year that was basically softcore porn? It seems like such a long time ago, no? If only she'd known how many “most annoying people of 2011” lists she would top, she would have savored her time as just a regular, Paris Hilton-level famewhore.

Anyway, Kim's cache has dropped off so much since then that for this year's commercial, she's been replaced with someone much more charismatic; one might even go so far as to call her a bad bitch. I'm talking about a French bulldog. In the new commercial, USA Today reports, the plucky canine beats a pack of greyhounds in a race while wearing a teeny tiny pair of Skechers. Adorable!

The company's execs insist that the switch has everything to do with how great the French bulldog is and nothing to do with how much people hate Kim Kardashian now. “Kim got us more attention than we ever dreamed,” says Leonard Armato, president of Skechers Fitness, whose job it is to convince people Skechers is capable of producing high tech running shoes. “We have to establish Skechers as more than a lifestyle company.” Via cute dog videos designed to end up on Buzzfeed. Sure, honey.

I doubt even Kim herself would fault him for telling the truth at this point, but I guess it's nice that he's being so diplomatic about it. I'd watch my back if I were the dog, though.

(Via USA Today)