Kim Kardashian Says Her Favorite Part About North West Is When She’s Asleep

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Kim Kardashian nodding on a couch GIFThe fact that we live in a world where Kim Kardashian is a mom is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Or it's a gift to me, at least, as a celebrity blogger who enjoys when people do and say dumb things. I highly doubt it's a gift for the child in question, North West.

And my newest evidence for that opinion is an interview that Kim gave to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, who runs a blog called Romy & The Bunnies. (Hey, I just filled my nonsense-word quota in a single sentence! Congratulate me!) I guess Julia must have asked Kim whether she likes or dislikes being a mom, and why. (Show your work.)

“I love being a mom! It’s the most rewarding feeling.”

Yeah? Cool! What part? Your daughter's a year old now, so be, like, really specific — what's been your favorite phase?

“I really love every phase! Just the way my daughter laughs with me, all of the small things in life you appreciate.”

Translation: ummmm yeah, just all the small things normal moms would say, those are the things I appreciate, too! Like laughing and shopping! Babies can laugh and shop, right? Or just laugh? I guess that's fine. Is Kendall a baby? She is fun, I like being her mom. Oh I'm not? Hi I'm Kim, have we met? (Shakes North's hand.)

“You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family.”

Yeah Kim? Ya sure? You definitely want to label your current projects as ‘meaningful'? Okay girl, I'll have you out of here as quickly as I can so you can get back to cashing checks from your Very Important app where you earn points by buying things and getting more famous. (NOT A JOKE THOSE ARE THE REAL GOALS OF HER GAME.)

“You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy!”

And another great point from Kim! For every two days or so that you spend with your child, you're gonna wanna spend about two weeks on yourself, preferably at least a continent away from your offspring. But when you are home with her, fingers crossed that she'll be asleep!

“My absolute favorite thing is taking a nap with her. We cuddle and fall asleep holding each other. It’s my favorite time just snuggling with her.”

The best thing about being a mom is when we are both asleep. Did I get it right???? May I have another Vogue cover now?

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