Kim Kardashian Takes A Dig At Paris Hilton

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Kim Kardashian recently told the UK Sunday Mirror that she is nothing like socialite Paris Hilton. The Kim Kardashian Takes a Dig at Paris Hilton 91011A1 KARDASHIAN B GR 01 395x590 jpgreality TV star insists she’s a serious business woman but can understand why people compare her to Paris.

Kardashian said, “I’m more a business woman — I get up and run my three clothing stores. There are things similar with Paris, sure, but I don’t consider myself to be a party girl. I don’t even really drink.” And as far as clubbing and partying? Kim says forget it. “I don’t go out to parties all the time. I can’t even remember when I last went to a night club.”

Did she forget that Paris is involved in several successful business and marketing ventures? And news flash Kim, did you not see that Paris is trading in her partying lifestyle for a more subdued version to enjoy life with her new boyfriend Doug Reinhardt?

What do you guys think about all this? Does Kim have a right to feel the way she does?

Image: Bauer-Griffin