Kanye Says Kim Can’t Be With Him If She Gets Plastic Surgery — Well, They Had A Good Run

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Kanye West Kim Kardashian Paris Fashion Week September 2013

As you probably noticed from their very public wedgie-related sexting earlier this week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still a thing. I guess having a baby together will do that to you. But it seems they still have their disagreements. That's partly because I'm pretty sure Kanye is currently in a feud with every person on Earth, but it's also because they disagree about a few fundamental issues that divide most couples. You know, things like how they feel about being photographed by dozens of people every time they leave the house or whether or not to get plastic surgery. The usual.

Yes, it looks like Kimye is now in conflict over whether or not Kim should go under the knife. According to Radar Online, Kim originally planned to have a tummy tuck after giving birth to North West, but Kanye “flipped out,” because his mother Donda West died of complications from a plastic surgery procedure, and he doesn't want Kim getting anything done that would require getting knocked out (apparently botox and fillers are A-okay).

“Kanye told Kim in no uncertain terms that she needed to put her baby and her life first,” the source reveals. “He got pretty emotional because he really didn’t want her going through that kind of major surgery. He’s still traumatized from his mom’s death.”

Whoa there, Kanye. Slow down and think about that crazy talk before you confide in your anonymous source friends. Kim should put her baby first? But then how will she find the time to take selfies? This is like the time you said you didn't want to stage paparazzi pictures. It's like you don't even know your girlfriend at all.

Kanye also has a pretty serious ultimatum in place in case Kim decides to go under the knife — they just won't be together anymore, baby daughter be damned.

“Kanye was devastated by her passing and it’s made him extremely protective of those he loves,” the source explains. “He really put his foot down and told Kim the surgery ban is a condition of being with him.”

Do you want to start the breakup countdown or should I? Should we count down from 10? Nah, that's silly, I think 3 is more appropriate. Because let's face it, even though the source says Kim “understands” Kanye's concern, her favorite hobby is her appearance, and I honestly don't think she possesses the part of the human brain that processes rational thought. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised if Kanye ends up texting her like “hey just a reminder no surgery” as she's waking up from a lipo sesh. Awkward.

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