Kim Kardashian Only Gives 10% Of Her Charity Auctions To Charity

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When you buy something from a charity auction, you usually assume that 100%, or at least a large portion, of the proceeds are going to charity. Stop doing this! According to Fox News, a handful of celebrities including Kim and Khloe Kardashian only donate a paltry 10%.

The vehicle for these donations is Ebay Giving Works, which lets people auction off items and donate up to 100% of the proceeds to a good cause. Although Kim, who is worth an estimated $35 million, promotes her page as “Charity eBay Auctions Supporting the Dream Foundation,” it might be more accurate to tag it “Charity eBay Auctions Supporting Kim Kardashian,” because that's where the other 90% goes.

Items auctioned off are usually clothing and shoes, but Kim occasionally auctions off stupider things, like five minute audiences. For instance, before her birthday bash last year, she auctioned off a package for which “winner and guest will get to skip the line and be escorted in to the VIP room where they will get 5 minutes to wish Kim a happy birthday, take photos, and have up to 2 items signed.” (To be fair, she gave 25% to charity that time.)

Paula Abdul has also been fingered as a 10%-er. But in case you're feeling sad now, you should know that lots more celebrities have done auctions where they give 100% of the proceeds away: Miley Cyrus, Sienna Miller, Steven Tyler, Barbara Streisand, and Charlie Sheen(!), to name a few.

(Via Fox News)