Did We Get Punk’d? Kim Kardashian Laughed At The Name ‘North’ On Jay Leno Just Two Months Ago

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Did We Get Punk d  Kim Kardashian Laughed At The Name  North  On Jay Leno Just Two Months Ago Kim Kardashian Kardashian Khaos April 2013 jpg

Now that we’ve all had a few days to let the whole “North West” thing sink in, let’s take a walk down memory lane to a time when Kim Kardashian laughed about the possibility of naming her child “North” on The Tonight Show. In March.  As in, just a few months ago. How about them apples, I ask you?

Yes, it seems when the rumors of the ridiculous moniker first came about Jay thought he’d just ask Kim outright about it, because he probably figured that no matter how weird/fame hungry/headline grabbing Kimye is, there’s no way they’d really take that name seriously.  Oh, whoops!  They did!

If you’re interested in watching Kim Kardashian lie through her perfectly capped white teeth, you can start analyzing her reaction around the 2:55 mark:


I’ve got to hand it to her–she was able to pull one over on all of us, and I never thought her capable of much more than whatever it is she’s famous for.  I started to feel foolish until I remembered that the ultimate joke is actually on North West.

Oh and in case you were curious, TMZ wants us to know that Kim is “obsessed with breastfeeding” and that she loves to “whip out” her “G-cups” to feed baby North.  If you felt like your Sunday was lacking something, it was probably that piece of information (and accompanying photo).  You’re welcome.

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