Just Video Of Kim Kardashian Being Too Absorbed In Her Phone To Notice North Falling Over

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Just Video of Kim Kardashian Being Too Absorbed in Her Phone to Notice North Falling Over Kim Kardashian Instagram fun things gif

If there were a series of movies called Kim Kardashian Forgets She Has Children, the first installment would be Kim Kardashian Almost Leaves Her Daughter Behind at a Paris Hotel, and the second would be Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Notice Her Daughter Falling Over at Her Feet Because She Can’t Stop Looking at Her Phone. Because that’s exactly what happens in this new video.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim and her sister Kourtney Kardashian took their kids on a trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Art on April 2. Video shows North West falling to the ground and being helped back on her feet by her aunt, all while her mother stands just inches away obliviously staring at her phone.

Yes, I know kids fall over all the time and moms can’t stare obsessively at their children every moment of the day. And yes, I know Kourtney was right there to help. But for someone like Kim, who has a bit of a reputation for being full of herself and obsessed with social media to the point where she actually released a book of her own selfies, this doesn’t exactly help her image. It also doesn’t help that she’s literally wearing a jacket with her own face on it.

I mean, really, it’s almost too on the nose. Are we sure this was the real Kim and not just an art installation at the museum meant to express the dangers of self-absorbed, materialistic celebrity culture and implore us to please just think of the children? Because it sure does look like it.

Then again, the whole Kardashian family is such a consistent caricature of itself that at this point we might as well label their entire existence as an ongoing avant-garde art piece. Do you think this is Banksy’s doing?

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