Kim Kardashian Posts a Naked Selfie, but Hold Up Before You Call It Her Post-Baby Body

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Kim Kardashian naked post baby selfie 2016

(Photo: Instagram)

Early this morning Kim Kardashian posted the above naked photo, complete with her own personal black bars, to her Instagram page. Nothing new, right? Well, in this case, there really is nothing new, since that photo was most likely taken several months ago. Except she doesn't specify that in the caption, so a lot of people are taking this to be her post-baby body debut. Think again, my friends. You've been had.

While some sites are going with the post-baby angle, others like Buzzfeed aren't so convinced. The photo, which Kim captioned “When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL,” features a blonde hairdo. That's not what Kim's hair has looked like recently. In fact, here's a photo of her on Saturday, aka two days ago. That definitely looks long and dark to me, not chopped and platinum.

Kim Kardashian Los Angeles March 5 2016

(Photo: PacificCoastNews)

She did wear a blonde wig a few weeks ago for Kanye's album release party, but that one was much longer. Plus, we've seen this hair before, about a year ago. Remember the Draco Malfoy look? Here's a photo of that hairstyle, from 11 months ago, in the same bathroom as the naked mirror selfie.

Kim Kardashian blonde hair 2015

(Photo: Instagram)

Not only is the hair the same, but, as Buzzfeed points out, this looks like it could have been taken the exact same day as the naked one. The towels and window blind are in the same position, and even Kim's nails look the same. So either Kim cut and dyed her hair since Saturday, got the same manicure as a year ago, and never moves the blind in her bathroom, that supposedly new photo is actually old.

Granted, Kim never claimed the naked photo was new, but she never said it was old either, and you bet your bottom dollar she knew people would assume it was and gasp over how good she looks for just having popped out a baby three months ago. Too bad she left so much evidence behind. Muahahaha.