Kim Kardashian’s Arm Is Missing In This Photo, Probably Because It Just Didn’t Go With Her Outfit

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When I heard that there was a new Kim Kardashian where her arm was missing my mind immediately went to Photoshop. Either that or she thought the arm just didn't look good so she figured she might as well get rid of it. You know that thing Coco Chanel said about taking one accessory off before you leave the house? That totally counts for body parts as well. Then when I saw the photo, Photoshop was still on my radar. But then I realized that Kim herself seems to be the leader of the missing arm search, so what gives?

Kim posted the photo last night with the caption, “Fun night in Cannes with my best friend @jonathancheban at the Mail Online boat party! Ummm where's my arm lol.” Yeah Kim, good question. Where the hell is your arm? Or more specifically, the bottom half of your arm? Upon first glance, it looks to have been completely amputated. If you look closer, there appears to be something there, although it's pretty ghostly. But am I the only one thinking it should be going in the other direction? The way Kim and Jonathan are posing, you'd expect her to be putting her arm around his back, but it looks like she's just putting it behind her. Like when I was seven years old and didn't know how to draw hands so I drew all my people with their arms hanging behind them. Are you a seven-year-old's drawing, Kim? What is happening?!

If Kim admits there's something weird going on here, does that mean it wasn't the result of botched Photoshopped? Or is this a trick she's using to make us think it's not Photoshop? If it's not, the only other explanation I can think of is that someone went back in time to prevent her birth, and now she's disappearing from the history, one photograph at a time. You must put a stop to this, Kim! Find Doc and the Delorean and hurry!