Kim Kardashian Photobombed Miley’s VMAs Selfie, Managed To Be The Only One In Focus

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Kim Kardashian Photobombed Miley s VMAs Selfie  Managed To Be The Only One In Focus Kim Kardashian photobombs Mileys VMAs selfie 2015 jpg

Last night Miley Cyrus hosted the VMAs and tried to one-up Ellen’s Oscar selfie with one of her own. After a skit that went on way too long featuring Ike Barinholtz and Andy Samberg giving her advice, Miley got a bunch of people together, held up her selfie stick, and took the worst selfie I’ve ever seen. Pretty much everyone is either out of focus or cut off. Interestingly, the one person you can actually see clearly is Kim Kardashian. Too bad she wasn’t invited.

The whole point of the photo was that it was supposed to include the things Ike and Andy suggested during the skit — Bollywood dancers, Frankenstein, Rita Ora covered in spaghetti, etc. Kim Kardashian was not one of their suggestions. But you can’t say the word “selfie” around Kim Kardashian and expect her not to join in. It’s like her bat signal. According to legend, if you say “Kim Kardashian” three times while taking a selfie, no matter where you are, she’ll end up in the photo with you making a duck face. I’ve always been too afraid to try it myself.

Just look at that smug expression she has on her face up there. It’s like she knows she’s going to end up being the only person in focus. It’s like the easiest game of “Where’s Waldo?” ever. How do you think she managed it? Do you think it’s a perk that comes with Kris Jenner’s pact with Satan? Has she trained every cell phone in the universe to focus all its energy on making her look good? Is she a witch? These are the questions we need to be asking.

It’s gotta make you wonder how Hillary Clinton managed to be front and center in the selfie she took with Kim and Kanye earlier this month. Her powers seem to be stronger than Kim’s. She could be the key to defeating her once and for all. Why isn’t Hillary using this to her advantage during her presidential campaign?

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