Not Surprisingly, A Fake Kris Jenner Upstaged The Kim Kardashian Lookalike Contest

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Who ever thought we'd hear Kim Kardashian‘s name combined with “art”? But the reality show star was the focus of a lookalike contest held at the Art Basel Miami festival just the other night, where 28 hopefuls curled their hair, padded their asses, and recreated some of Kim's iconic looks in the hopes of getting the $1,000 prize. Artist Ryder Ripps, whose work deals with Facebook and our experiences with the computer, called it, “Where's Waldo for the art set.”

The ladies were asked questions about Kim's ethnicity — “Whatever nationality is trendy right now!” a quick-witted one answered — as well as actual artists like Picasso, while showing off the accuracy of their costumes. You might be surprised to learn, however, that there were ultimately two winners. Metisha LaRocca was the most convincing Kim in a knock-off Hermes dress, but the judges couldn't ignore a hilarious Kris Jenner impersonator who helped to calm down the crowd and provided witty running commentary.

So even in pretend-world, Kris is overbearing and gloms on to her daughters' success. Personally, our favorites were the two Kims below: Liz Rywelski imitating the famous Twitpic of Kim's nasty sunburn, and an unnamed contestant who recreated Kim's W magazine cover where she was naked and covered in silver body paint. (In fact, W posted about the homage the other day.)

This isn't the first time that Kim lookalikes have been called to show their stuff. Celebuzz held a similar contest back in 2009, but with a twist: It was also open to drag queens.

Photos: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFANYC.com