Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan Continue To Prove Clint Eastwood’s Chair Is More Interesting Than They Are

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What do the upcoming presidential election, a sex tape, necklace-stealing and Twitter have in common, you ask? No, not John Edwards. Why, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan, duh!  I don't know about you, but when I saw that Kim K. hosted a DNC after-party (those really exist?) last night in Charlotte I breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally, FINALLY a realistic, down-to-earth celebrity is supporting the Democratic Party.  Who needs Scarlett Johannsen, the Foo Fighters or Patton Oswalt when you can have a real, rugged, for-the-people kind of gal like Kim?

I was worried during the DNC this week that my political party of choice wouldn't be able to compete with the irrelevance, inconsistency and pure insanity of Clint Eastwood and his chair at the RNC last week.  Lucky for me, most celebrities are Democrats or, at the very least, likely to tweet the President.

…Which is exactly what Lindsay Lohan decided to do today.  Because she is not only under the misguided notion that President Obama will actually see it and give a shit, but that she deserves tax breaks.   Yes, you read that right.  Lindsay Lohan — DUI collecting, jewelry-thieving, bad-lipstick-wearing, Mean-Girls-Was-Almost-Ten-Years-Ago, Lindsay Lohanthought that tweeting the President of the United States about her desire for tax cuts was a sound decision.  LOLz.

President Obama sent out this tweet early this morning:

“I've cut taxes for those who need it: middle class families, small businesses.”

Lindsay Lohan, justifiably miffed, sent out this response:

“we also need to cut them for those that are listed on Forbes as ‘millionaires' if they are not, you must consider that as well.”

Ugh, don't you just hate it when your tax burdens cut into your cocaine budget?  Maybe she's looking for a little somethin'-somethin' to help her out with that massive bill from Chateau Marmont? Either way, I think we should start a Lindsanity Lohan Fund to compensate for where the President and Forbes magazine are lacking.  Poor thing.  Tsk, tsk.  🙁

(Photo by: WENN)