Kim Kardashian Might Not Want To Blab To Oprah About Her Wedding When Kris Humphries’ Lawyers Are Watching

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Kim Kardashian wedding Kris Humphries Oprah interview lawyers divorceSeveral months ago, Kris Humphries‘ lawyers made it clear that they were going to do their damnedest to bring cameras into the courtroom during his divorce proceedings from Kim Kardashian. Predictably, the self-made reality star freaked out because she has a very public image to maintain, and last we heard things were at a stalemate.

But who needs cameras in the courtroom when Kim is handing the prosecution everything they need?

In a move that makes us pity Oprah Winfrey, the talk show queen sat down with the Kardashian clan to retread old ground about their life in front of the cameras, their sexual morals (Kim's sex tape as well as mother Kris Jenner putting her on birth control at age 14), and of course Kim's 72-day wedding to Kris last year.

You can tell that Oprah's frustrated at having to play along with the myth that Kim was truly in love with Kris and yet could still drop him after less than three months. She asks Kim if she had any idea, before her October wedding, that she and Kris maybe weren't soulmates. Kim's answer was fairly illuminating:

“I didn't have an inkling, but everyone around me did. The night before, my mom said, ‘Do you want out?' She said, ‘You're not yourself.' But I said, ‘Mom, no'—I got angry, I was thinking, ‘How dare you!'”

So now of course Kris' lawyers are jumping on this as evidence. A source from his camp tells RadarOnline that they're definitely going to grill Kim on this conversation and why her momager Kris would have reason to question her daughter's wedding. Obviously any misgivings from Kris Jenner would be professional as well as personal. I love how dramatic the lawyers sound: “Kim's explanation of why her mom asked her just doesn't make sense. There is a lot more going on to this than the public knows, and Kris wants answers. Kris was left in the dark, and it was very hurtful for him to hear that Kim was bored with him.”

C'mon guys, this isn't Law & Order… a show that Kim obviously doesn't watch, because if she did, she would know better than to go on national TV and admit that things weren't hunky-dory hours before she embarked on the fake wedding that's now threatened her already shaky credibility.

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