Kimye Is Still Pretending That There Won’t Be Cameras At Their Small, Intimate Wedding

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Kim Kardashian nodding GIFI don't know about the rest of you guys, but I for one am starting to worry that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are planning different weddings. Everything we hear from Kanye is about theatricality and spectacle and avant garde, which is in direct opposition from what Kim keeps saying about keeping it small, intimate, and — my favorite — camera-free. Haaaaaaaa!

Really guys? Do you seriously think we're gonna buy that from the two of you, two people who document every single moment of their lives, down to the gifts North West received at her baby shower and how quickly Kanye was gonna hurry home after Kim posted that ‘I got my body back' ass selfie? Are we honestly supposed to believe that THAT COUPLE isn't having cameras at their wedding? Answer: yes, apparently. At least according to Kim, who took to Twitter to dispel the truths rumors who honestly knows flying around about the wedding.


Yeah, sure. I'll believe it when I (don't) see it.

Just as small and intimate as your STADIUM PROPOSAL, KIMBERLY?!?

(Except Kanye. He made it.)

But Kim! Nonsense is all you have to offer! Haven't you ever even SEEN Keeping Up With The Kardashians? It's kind of your niche.

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