Kim And Kanye Went Skiing Dressed Like… Well, Like Kim And Kanye

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Kim And Kanye Went Skiing Dressed Like  Well  Like Kim And Kanye Kimye skiing close up January 2015 jpg

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went skiing in Utah this weekend with eight couples, including Kim’s childhood friends. This is according to Kim’s Twitter page, which also features several photographs from the trip. In case you were wondering how the couple chose to dress for the trip, the answer is “Exactly like you’d expect them to.”

Check out their selfie above. Kanye has his face covered with a bandana that I’m sure cost an obscene amount of money. I’m not sure if he was protecting himself from the cold or from the drones that he suspected were hovering overhead trying to get a photo of him. Either way, I’m still a little surprised that he didn’t walk around in shorts and a T-shirt claiming the low temperatures didn’t affect him.

Then of course we have human hairball Kim Kardashian. She complained on Twitter about her friends making her wear a helmet, writing, “But I feel it’s more safe & I’m into it if you can’t tell.” You know how the saying goes — when life gives you a bland ski helmet to protect your skull from cracking, cover it in fur and make a duck face.

Kim also made sure she didn’t have to hide her figure under bulky winter clothes. Whereas I usually go out in the snow looking like the kid in A Christmas Story, Kim had curve-hugging pants a cinched waist.

Kim And Kanye Went Skiing Dressed Like  Well  Like Kim And Kanye Kimye skiing January 2015 jpg

I’d like to know if these two actually did any skiing or if they just posed for photos and then hurried inside to drink gourmet hot chocolate out of solid gold mugs. Why do rich people like skiing so much? Why don’t they spend their down time going bowling or seeing three movies in one day like the rest of us?

Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of North West dressed in an adorable baby ski outfit. But I’m sure she’s currently looking at these pictures with the rest of us and going, “Oh brother, not this again.”

(Photos: Twitter)