Kimye Went On A Second Honeymoon, Trying To Delay The Actually Being Married Part

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Kim Kardashian I have no idea what I'm doing GIFCelebrities, they're just like us! When they don't get what they wanted out of the first honeymoon, they order up a second one, just like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did when they jetted off to Mexico less than a month after getting back from Ireland.

But let's be honest, guys, Kanye really did biff it on the destination selection, so it's only fair that they'd have a redo. If you're really gonna make reservations for Kim Kardashian to go on a tour of Trinity College, you're gonna have to balance that out with some beach-lounging and margarita, and we both know it. Even though Kim did refuse to go on that particular education-based excursion in order to see two movies in one day, she got dangerously close to actually learning something, so she needs exposure to sunshine and tequila post haste.

And by right away, I really do mean right away. It was less than two weeks after they returned from Ireland that Kimye packed up for Punta Mita, Mexico, to celebrate Kanye's birthday. TWO WEEKS, you guys. For most of us, that's the length of the vacation itself, if we're lucky enough to get more than a week off from work. For Kimye, that's the amount of time in between vacations. Man, if these two have this much trouble holding still around one another this early in their marriage, it doesn't bode super well for them getting past the seventy-two day mark.

Oh and by the way, where is North in all this? We know she wasn't invited to Honeymoon Round 1, but did she make it to Round 2, or is she just sitting home alone in Kris Jenner‘s mansion, waiting for the day when her parents decide to stay in one place long enough that she can memorize their faces?

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