Kimye’s Son Could Be Born on Christmas Day, I’m Sure That Won’t Go to Their Heads

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Are you prepared for Kim Kardashian and Kanye's West's second baby to arrive? Have you stocked up on canned goods and blankets? Well, I'm sorry to say I've got some news that might throw a wrench in things. According to TMZ, Kim's due date is December 25. As in Christmas Day. Oh boy, here we go. Feel free to get any Yeezus/Jesus jokes out of your system in the comments section.

Sources told TMZ that “doctors have back timed the date of conception.” So I guess they originally thought the baby was made that one time they got it on, but it was actually made that other time they got it on? (They got it on a lot, haven't you heard? Kim only talked about it literally every chance she got.)

If you're thinking, “Well, just because that's the due date doesn't mean that's when the baby will be born. That's just an estimate,” then I'll direct you to TMZ's explanation:

“Obviously, the due date is always a little up in the air, but Xmas is the likely date, and here's why. We're told Kim has a condition where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus, which could be dangerous.”

They add that doctors are planning for a natural birth on that day, but a C-section might be necessary. Kim and Kanye have reportedly booked a Deluxe Maternity Suite at Cedars-Sinai. This is happening, and we can't stop it. You know these two will do whatever it takes to get that baby out on Christmas. And you know Kanye will take it as some sort of sign that his son is destined for greatness, ignoring all the other people in the world who have been born on December 25.

If you want to find a silver lining in this situation, just remember that at least the kid's birthday and Christmas will be rolled into one, so we'll only have to hear about all the exorbitant gifts once a year instead of two. Look on the bright side, my friends. It's all we have.

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