Kim Kardashian Was Exhausted On Her Honeymoon From All The Hardcore Photoshopping She’d Been Doing

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You might remember the reports that Kim Kardashian had a horrible time on her honeymoon with Kanye West and had to have a redo. It seemed to mostly be because they chose Ireland of all places as the destination. Other than wanting to buy a pet leprechaun, I can't think of a single reason Kim would want to go there. But apparently it wasn't just the boring locale that ruined the trip for her. It was also the fact that she was forced to spend days editing her iconic wedding photo. And it's all Annie Leibovitz's fault.

Allow me to explain. TMZ is reporting that during a recent conference in Cannes, Kanye trashed famous photographer Annie Leibovitz for backing out of taking their wedding photo. You know, the one of them kissing in front of a huge wall of flowers everyone hoped would turn out to be a maze they'd never find their way out of. Apparently Annie decided she didn't want to take the picture just a day before the wedding because she was, according to Kanye “afraid of celebrity.” Sure, that's why she takes so many pictures of famous people.

The picture still ended up getting taken, but the flowers were “off color,” so it had to be adjusted. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. Kanye claims he and Kim spent four days working on the picture. Unless Kim traveled back in time to post the photo to her Instagram on May 27th (three days after the wedding), Kanye is exaggerating by at least one day. But that's certainly not the most ridiculous part of his story.

Kanye says Kim “was exhausted because we worked on the photo so much.” Hold up. First of all, as entertaining as it is for me to imagine Kim hunched over a computer with Photoshop open, fiddling with her wedding picture for four days, that did not happen. Clearly someone else was making the adjustments, in which case, A.) Why would it take so much time? and B.) Why would Kim be exhausted from it? Did they lock the person in a bunker denying them sleep and looking over their shoulder until they got the colors just right? And isn't Kris Jenner in charge of that kind of thing anyway?

Whatever the explanation, the picture ended up being the most popular image on Instagram, so at least it was worth it. (Psst, don't tell Kim but I think it could still use some work. Maybe three extra days.)