Kanye West Received Two Mice For Father’s Day, And I Guess I Should Elaborate

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Kanye West Kim Kardashian March 2013

So we finally have the answer to the question, “What do you get the man who has everything… including the tendency to publicly compare himself to Steve Jobs?” The answer is apparently Steve Jobs-related, according to the new Twitter photo Kanye West shared of his Father's Day gift from Kim Kardashian. Even though I'm sure his bundle of joy North West was the ultimate Father's Day gift, in that she was born the day before Father's Day, you can't just leave Kanye empty-handed on a day named after him. Yes, Father's Day is named after him, in that he is now a father, in the same way Christmas is named after him in that he is a Christ figure. Yeez-louise, get with the program.

As you can see, those are mice in that there box, but unfortunately they're not adorable animal-y mice named North and West for the family to raise together until Pixar hires them to do motion-capture for their sequel to Ratatouille. They're just regular old computer mice that just so happen to be signed by the late Steve Jobs and his Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who is also one of the few people privileged enough to have met baby Nori, as part of a birthday present for Kanye. As Woz explained on CNN, Kanye “was interested in technology and companies.”

Does anyone else find this gift sort of odd? I mean, if this were given to a total tech nerd who idolized the Steves and was an all-around average, non-Kanye person, it would be a pretty thoughtful, unique gift. But for Kanye West it just doesn't fit. The only explanation I could come up with is that, because Kim went into labor so much earlier than expected, she didn't think she'd have to get Kanye a Father's Day gift until next year. So she had to do some last-minute planning and just combine Kanye's birthday and Father's Day gifts using the Mrs. Doubtfire technique. She saw the name Steve in a newspaper headline, and that gave her the first part, and then she heard a nurse in the hospital talking about seeing The Wiz, but she misheard it, and it became Woz. “Your present is Steve Woz,” she said, and Kanye said, “Steve Wozniak?” and she thanked Yeezus it worked. “Bring something… computery,” she whispered to Woz over the phone.

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