Kim Kardashian’s Blog Post Defending Kanye West Reads Like Kanye Wrote It

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Kim Kardashian s Blog Post Defending Kanye West Reads Like Kanye Wrote It Kim Kardashian Kanye West jpg

As you’ve probably noticed, a lot has been happening with Kanye West these days, from his lyrics about Taylor Swift to his tweets about being in debt to his SNL meltdown to his comments to the paparazzi. A lot of people have been wondering where Kim Kardashian has been through all of this and whether she supports her husband’s behavior.

In a new “Currently” blog post on her website, Kim defends her husband from the haters and claims that people just don’t understand him. Here’s what she has to say, as quoted by Just Jared:

“LOVING My Husband. HATING That people don’t get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art. LISTENING TO ‘I Love Kanye.’ WEARING Yeezy Season 3 samples I took from the show. WANTING Everyone to be as honest as Kanye. WATCHING Kanye shoot his new video. READING Kanye’s tweets.”

So we can all agree that Kanye hacked into Kim’s website and wrote this post when she wasn’t paying attention, right? It’s the Kimye equivalent of those silly friends who get on your computer when you leave the room and post a Facebook status from your account like, “I love my friend Jennifer so much. She’s so beautiful and funny. I just had to let everyone know how great Jennifer is.” And then you come back and see it and you’re like, “Oh, Jennifer. You’re so silly. Okay, I won’t delete it. But just this once.”

Even if Kanye didn’t type the words himself, there’s no way he wasn’t at least leaning over Kim’s shoulder dictating it. Or more likely, he was leaning over the shoulder of whoever it is Kim pays to write these posts for her (probably North West). No matter who it was doing the actual fingers-to-keyboard grunt work, there is little doubt in my mind that Kanye was at least somewhat involved in what was written. And if he wasn’t, this really isn’t helpful, Kim.

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