Kimye Outsmarts Cynical Bloggers By Arranging Photo Op With Sick Kids

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Why do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look so sly in the above photo? It's because they've pulled off an especially tricky maneuver for a couple of famewhores: Get photographed while doing something honorable, so no one can criticize your ulterior motive. On June 29, Kimye stopped by a children's hospital in Los Angeles for a few hours to visit with the young patients there. Of course they posed for photos with the kids — who had made them welcome posters decorated with stickers and thank-you messages — and Kim later blogged about the experience, The kids there are so brave… They are smiling, sweet and happy despite their circumstances and being around them is truly inspiring.

And already we can feel our hackles rising. Because how can Kim Kardashian have done this for any reason but as more damage control after her failed marriage to Kris Humphries? Their 72-day union, and now the divorce proceedings where it's rumored Kris has a lot of dirt on the Kardashians, make Kim look like an impulsive, image-conscious brat more concerned with pushing her brand than in forming meaningful relationships. So of course she'll go smile and hold some cancer patients, provided the photographers are on hand to capture the moment.

And then she has the gall to go on and on about how “brave” these poor kids are? Kids who might not live to 16 and can still smile because they think some TV star cared enough to spend time with them? Kanye I feel less comfortable commenting on; I have no idea how he got dragged into this very public relationship, or how much control he even has over the situation. But you can bet that Kris Jenner had a hand in making this happen. As The Stir points out (we're not the only ones who got incensed over the photo op), at the very least their visit will raise awareness for patients who need bone marrow donations. But couldn't Kanye and Kim, instead of just popping in for a few hours, even just contribute some money toward these families' medical bills? Now that would have an impact and get our respect.

But if I go and criticize them for having an ulterior motive in visiting the kids, it makes me the bad guy. I'm just waiting for the comments, like on my post about Jay-Z not hugging Kim, about me being “a bitter jealous hater.” When really we at Crushable are just fascinated with watching the wheels turn on the part of quasi-celebrities who will resort to desperate measures to stay trending on Twitter. So, think what you will of it, but we're grudgingly applauding Kim's camp for arranging this act of supposed goodwill.

The best part? Kim and Kanye just passed their first 72 days together, which means their relationship is officially longer than her marriage to Kris Humphries. See how orchestrated it all is?!

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