If You Believe The Rumors, Kim And Kanye Will Be Broken Up By Baby-O-Clock

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West house hunting in Beverly Hills California May 2013How pregnant is Kim Kardashian these days? Five months? Five and a half? Well by my calculations, that means she has a little less than three months left of dating Kanye West, because sources are suggesting the two of them will be broken up by the time their wee Kimye baby is born in early July. Clock is ticking, guys! Better enjoy each other! Or not. Whatever it is people like to do best when they're about to break up, you should do that. The source  points out that Kanye doesn't seem invested, as it's Kim who's been flying out to see him in France, instead of the other way around.

“We just do not understand why she is traveling to Paris to see him. She is the pregnant one. Kanye will fly in to see the editors of Vogue, but he won’t fly in to see the lady carrying his child. The only way they have a future is if Kim continues to do whatever he says.”

Yeah actually, now that I think about it, the fact that he's in France is massively sketchy. Wasn't the United States pretty much his home base until he got his babymama all sperminated up? That's what I seem to remember, and either way he should try to be a little more accomodating; these two have spent pretty much Kim's whole pregnancy apart. And, as the same source points out — what exactly is wrong with recording studios here? Why is it so important that his next album be completed overseas?

“Some of the greatest records that have ever been recorded have been recorded in America. I am sorry that the US recording studios are not good enough for Kanye – they were good enough for Elvis, Sinatra and Michael Jackson, but not Kanye!”

Yeah America, I'm real happy for you, and I'ma let you finish, but Paris has some of the best recording studios of all time. OF ALL TIME. And even though she's commuting across the planet to spend time with him, everything Kim is doing is still not enough, as Kanye apparently blames her for that whole ‘running into a metal sign post thing'.

“He told her that she should have guided him out of the way. He treats her like his assistant. She is putting up with it at the moment but eventually she will say enough!”

Yeah I mean…preferably today. Or yesterday, if that works better for you guys.

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