Kim Kardashian Says She Finally Knows The Value Of Privacy And Also Liar Liar Pants On Fire

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If you happen to follow the life and times of Kim Kardashian on Twitter, Instagram and E!, then you know there's no one more modest or private in Celebrity-Land.  She's so good about keeping a low profile and staying off of everyone's radar, I really think a lot of other celebrities could learn from her.

Yesterday, she wrote a blog post all about being private.  Because if you're someone who values such a thing, and you just want people to respect your boundaries for God's sake, you blog about it:

It's not uncommon for the media to take things you say in an interview out of context, or twist them to make a story more interesting. In a recent interview I was asked what Kanye had taught me that I value the most. I said privacy.


I have learned to understand that it's important to have boundaries, especially when we are having a private date night dinner. So if someone came up to the table at dinner, I used to get up, take pics and sign an autograph in the middle of our meal. Now, I know that this time is our private time, and I absolutely will as soon as I'm done eating! It's not that he won't let me sign autographs for my fans… far from it! Just as soon as we're done! Totally understandable!


The first thing I want to know is, who are these young fans frequenting the same insanely-priced establishments as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian?  The second thing I want to know is, does anyone actually care about this?  I wouldn't interrupt Robert DeNiro or Meryl Streep while they were eating, and they're actually worth risking a rough-up from a security guard.  And then some.

I guess since we never hear about Kimye nearly enough, it's only understandable that they would want to maintain their uncanny ability to be secretive and not interested in fame at all.

I wonder if, after posting this asinine blog, these hid-AY-ous and non-attention-seeking pants ignited into flames?

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