This Photo Of Kim Kardashian Proves Instagram Is The Place For Celebrity Butts

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Kim Kardashian white lace

So did anyone else miss the memo that 2014 is not just the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac calendar, but also the Year of Celebrities Instagramming Their Asses.

It's still the first week of the new year and we've already seen Lea Michele's derriere, and–not to be outdone of course–Kim Kardashian opted to post some “please compliment me” selfies on Instagram last night with the caption “Getting right for the new year.”

Apparently Kim, known for displaying couth and modesty, and her pal Blac Chyna (who I'm told is a former stripper, current “urban model”… thanks for that, Google) were super bored last night, so they decided to throw caution and reason/logic to the wind and post a couple of butt-selfies.  You know what?  I think I found a new title for 2014: Year of the Butt-Selfie.  Is it too early in this post to already publish a retraction?  Ugh, so many questions.  Either way, Kim and Blac Chyna are obviously card-carrying members of the Sir Mix-a-Lot School of Itty Bitty Waists and Round Things in Yo Face, and they want all of us to know this.

The only thing I've gained from viewing these photos is the knowledge that North West will probably suffer far more schoolyard taunting than us regular folk, whose parents favor mom jeans and blasting Michael Bolton when they drop you off at school.

Now if you'll excuse me, I too have to “get right for the new year.”  As in “right into my elastic wast sweatpants and leftover fried rice.”

(Lead Photo: WENN)