Kim Kardashian Forgets That The Paps Are Her BFFs, Documents Herself Hiding From Them

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Poor Kim Kardashian must have developed some kind of post-partum amnesia and forgotten who she is and what she stands for and who her allies are. Quick, somebody get Matt Damon on the phone to give her a crash course in Jason Bourne Syndrome. Ugh, this is so sad. Her memory loss has gotten so bad that she's now resorted to actually hiding from the paparazzi she used to call her friends. Okay, so maybe they never went to restaurants together to eat enormous salads like Kim does with her other friends. And yeah, she was kind of avoiding them for a while there after North West was born. But they were at her baby shower, for crying out loud! Well, outside her baby shower, at least.

Yesterday Kim and her mom Kris Jenner were at a shopping center together, and while the paparazzi waited outside Grandma Kris' car to snap a couple of photos and hopefully channel her desperation into cold hard cash, Kim K was lurking in a completely separate car without any of them noticing her. She's doing that thing I used to do in the back seat of my mom's car while she ran into the grocery store where I'd pretend to be a spy and hide from the people walking past by crouching behind the seat. That was a thing I did when I was in the third grade, but if Kim's still into it at 32, that's cool too. The other difference, other than 25 or so years, is that Kim filmed herself mid-espionage. In three separate videos on Keek.

Does anyone use Keek besides the Kardashians? Do they just use it because it has two Ks in the name, which is two Ks more than Instagram, Vine and YouTube have combined? Are they getting paid to use it? I wouldn't be surprised, since I'm convinced the Kardashians get paid to pee. They flush the toilet and hundred dollar bills come flying out at them like a money bidet. When they do number two I think they get gold coins. If they are getting paid for this Keek thing, I guess I can understand Kim turning the tables on the paps this one time. But if this anti-paparazzi behavior continues much longer I think we might need to check her into some kind of facility for the famously impaired.

Oct 7, 2013 |