Of Course Someone Offered Kim Kardashian $250K To Document Her Pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian rings in the New Year at 1 Oak Nightclub at The Mirage Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV

In perhaps the most predictable Baby KimYe news ever, a members-only pregnancy website developer wrote a pitch letter to Kim Kardashian offering her a quarter-million dollars to share everything that she experiences during pregnancy.  Which makes it not totally inaccurate to say, “The KimYe baby might be for sale.”  Which surprises absolutely no one.

David Dginguerian, an filmmaker who doesn't even technically own the website called MyPregnancy.com because it doesn't exist yet, wants to launch this gestation-friendly online community with Kim Kardashian as his poster girl.

Dginguerian suggests such a site could ‘generate $100,000 a month,' with the money going to the ‘christian charity' of Kim's choice.  [Ten bucks says she throws away the letter because he forgot to spell it ‘Kristian.']  The cherry on top of this completely absurd and more-than-a-little fucked up idea is the $250,000 signing bonus Kim would receive for agreeing to publicly share every irritating moment that occurs during pregnancy.  Which E! and Kris Jenner were planning on making her do anyway.

God help us if she agrees.  Minute-by-minute details of designer diaper shopping and slutty maternity wear might just break the internet.   And our souls.

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