Kris Humphries Now Divorcing His Lawyer As Well As Kim Kardashian

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Kris Humphries divorce

Well, well, well, will you look at the fine legal mess we have here! Turns out Kim Kardashian isn't the only person who wants to divorce Kris Humphries these days. His lawyer also wants to get away from his as fast as possible. He's citing irreconcilable differences as the reason he can no longer work with his client. But I think we're all media-savvy enough to know that's just a euphemism for “there's a horribly dark curse on this guy that prevents anyone from being able to spend more than 72 consecutive days talking to him.”

My legal sources down at the courthouse (you know the courthouse right? It's next to Ruby Tuesday and across the street from that shuttered Blockbuster?) send this insider information my way via a little paper I like to call USA Today.

In the latest court twist, however, things could be delayed more. AP reports that Humphries' lawyer, Marshall Waller wants off the job. He says irreconcilable differences have arisen between him and Humphries, and he should be allowed to leave the case. He filed paperwork Thursday, and if he's allowed to leave, his exit could delay a judge's decision on a trial date.

While I don't care if I never hear the name Marshall Waller again, I do care that this means that the trial's possibly getting delayed. The longer that it takes for this thing to actually go to trial, the higher the chances that Kim Kardashian will give birth to Kanye West's child while still married to Kris Humphries.

Considering that the Kardashain family produces manufactured drama for a living, this news should thrill them. They couldn't have paid the producers at E! to write a more carefully crafted storyline for them if they tried. This is the stuff that tabloid headlines are made of! So I don't understand why Kim's not embracing this opportunity more and jumping on the “let's stretch this divorce trial out for as long as possible” train. More and more lately I worry that her pregnancy's getting in the way of her need for publicity. And that scares me much more than the fact that Kris Humphries is walking around with a curse on his head.

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