Kim Kardashian Denies Waxing North West’s Eyebrows, But Doesn’t Rule Out Laser Hair Removal

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North West Waxed Eyebrows December 16 2013

After Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram of North West yesterday with perfectly sculpted eyebrows, the world exploded in outrage at the thought of Kim waxing her baby daughter's eyebrows. Accusations flew left and allegations flew right and everyone who was anyone had an opinion on if her brows were natural or not. So many people weighed in on the controversy that there's now no doubt in my mind that EyebrowGate 2K13 will go down in history of one of America's biggest scandals. It will sit there right next to Jennifer Lawrence's haircut and Iggy Azalea's vagina lips on the list of things we didn't discuss in enough depth. (“If only we'd talked more about the important issues,” you'll say on your death bed, “if only I'd written another Facebook status about those eyebrows, I would've contributed so much more to the world!”)

While this amount of scrutiny certainly seems scary for a baby, it's only a look into Nori's future as Kimye's child. Heaven forbid her eyebrows turn out not to be her best feature! I fear for her life as a teenager, being publicly accused of having chin implants or eyeball polishing treatments or spa manicures or whatever it is that people get done these days to look more beautiful.

Naturally Kim's denying the accusations. Because to come out and confirm them would be to sentence herself to death. Like I said yesterday, I do think Kanye West, her beloved fiance, would murder her if he found out she touched one hair on that baby's face.


In light of everything that happened yesterday, I do find her joke to be in extremely poor taste. A classic case of #toosoon. With that said, I will say that I believe her. Not because she tweeted denials, but because I have to believe that human beings know it's not a good idea to put hot wax on a baby's face. On behalf of the future of humanity, I just have to believe that we haven't crossed that line yet.

(Photo: Instagram)