Kim K Buys Almost All Her Vogue Issues At A Newsstand, Further Proving No One Loves Kim As Much As Kim Does

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in wedding dress and tux on Vogue cover April 2014

In possibly the most Kim Kardashian thing Kim Kardashian has ever done, Kim Kardashian went to a newsstand with her sister Kendall Jenner and bought up a bunch of their copies of her Vogue cover. You know the one. The one right there at the top of this post where she and Kanye West are doing their best impression of affectionate people. The one that's been parodied so many times it now looks like a parody of the parodies.

Both Kim and Kendall were photographed with stacks of the issues in their arms, and as with most things that happen in Celebrity Land, I have a lot of questions. First off, since the issue has been out for a few weeks now, does that mean Kim's been doing this very thing all month? Is she trying to influence reports about how well it's selling by just buying all the copies herself? Or is this like in sitcoms when an embarrassing article gets published about a character so they buy all the copies to keep people from seeing? Is she working on a ransom note as part of some mindless Keeping Up With the Kardashians plot and desperate for magazine letters? Or does she simply love herself so much that she can't resist? I'm gonna go with that last one. Seems like the best option whenever Kim Kardashian is concerned.

I like to imagine Kim will just spread them out around her house for people to take like breath mints. The first thing she'll say when she greets guests is, “Great to see you! Help yourself to a Vogue issue.” I also like to imagine she's bought so many copies at this point that there will soon be a very special episode of Hoarders set in her house: “Kim, you already have five thousand copies of this issue. Why don't we start small and get rid of three of them?” “NEVER! I use them every day!”

(Image: Vogue)